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What are the symptoms of a bad motherboard/logic board on a MacBook Pro laptop or iMac?

1 The lights in the front turn on, but the computer does not boot or nothing appears on the screen.
2 System beeps and does not boot to OS.
3 The screen shows gibberish or distorted video images.
4 Your MacBook laptop freezes intermittently and you have to turn the system on & off to bring it back on.
5 Mac system shows the black screen of death (kernel panic), and you can't go any further.
6 Non-functioning ports or components on the motherboard such as bad USB, audio, video, DC power jack, wireless, etc

In cases like this, Apple Computer Repair Center immediately suggest a complete replacement of the logic board which can be pretty expensive. However we, at Advance Computer Corp, can repair your MacBook at a fraction of the cost. And don't worry about your data. Even if the system does not start at all, we can still get to your data and save your important information.

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