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Do you need MacBook Repair in the Bandra ?

Regardless of the problem we can fix it

We work on all available at the moment Apple devices. We’ll look at your device the moment you bring it in and tell you the cost and the time frame to repair it. There is no diagnostic fee, we will give you a free repair estimate!

When you come to Netsystems, we fix it!

What sets Netsystems service apart? Most companies outsource component level motherboard repair, because they don’t have the knowledge how to do it and they don’t have the necessary tools. This causes delays and unexpected surprises, because the person you are talking to, it’s not the person who will be repairing your device. When you come to Netsystems you only deal with us.

Logic board repairs are done here – right at our service shop. That gives us an advantage over other repair businesses, because they have to outsource all those complicated repairs. We know what we are doing

Why repair your liquid / water spill damaged MacBook at Netsystems.

Why repair your liquid / water spill damaged MacBook at Netsystems.

• We offer component level motherboard repair right at our location.
• We repair what is broken avoiding the higher cost for complete logic board replacement.
• We use ultrasonic technology to clean liquid damaged components.
• We guarantee our work for 1 year !

Problems we will fix on your water spill damaged machine

• Not turning on.
• Freezing.
• No light / no image on the screen.
• Not charging the battery.
• Keys not working properly.
• Trackpad not working properly.
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you won’t have to wait long to get your machine back. Many times, repair shops will have to order the parts, which delays your repair. This is not the case with Apple independent Repair Center, Netsystems Infotech . We carry parts, so you don’t have to wait.

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